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Our Amazing Clients:

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Some Of Our Amazing Brands:

COCOFLY At the heart of Cocofly lies a philosophy that involves nurturing your body from within

Cocofly’s product range focuses on leveraging the goodness of the coconut as an integral part of your daily eating habits. The coconut itself is really a superfood, packed with vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats that do wonders for your body, inside and out.

From coconut water to on-the-go snacks to cooking ingredients, Cocofly’s unique product range fits perfectly with the health-conscious consumer of today who wants to provide themselves and their families with a nutrient rich diet everyday.

cocofly oil

SANRIKU JAPAN Sanriku is a treasure trove behind Japan's fish cuisine. They supply diverse seafood throughout the year to countries all over the world.

Sanriku Foods Japan delivers to the world various kinds of fresh seafood with good fortune and smiling faces directly from Sanriku Japan, the most bountiful of seas.

They now supply over 100 SKU’s of Sanriku brand products to USA, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh and Russia. 

RUBICON EXOTIC With over three decades of dedication, Rubicon has emerged to become a market leader in exotic juice drinks.

The brand now offers a delicious range of still classics, 100% juice (No sugar added) and sparkling drinks for its legions of exotic juice fans. Their mission is to win the hearts of everyone by creating unique exotic juice drinks of the highest quality, using the finest ingredients! 

They believe in Enriching the world with an exotic experience! 


PICO SAUCES Pico Sauces bring you a bit of India in every drop. Go on, take a dip. We know you want to.

India has so many amazing spices and ingredients that it’s no wonder everyone from celebrity chefs to stay-at-home-Mums are pulling out all the stops. 

Pico is a reflection of the new India that many people haven’t yet experienced outside the country. This India is bold, experimental and passionate.
Have we piqued your interest? It’s time you take a dip and see what we’re talking about.

SHAN SPICES & FOODS Shan Foods innovates with delicacies of the sub-continent to give you a bite of happiness every day.

As the pioneer in spice mixes, they ensure that their products are not just convenient and easy to prepare but also deliver on the flavor, traditional taste and aroma that their consumers love and cherish.

They work tirelessly to bring the best food solutions to their valued consumers – looking internally and externally for new ideas, trends and improvements to deliver a superior product experience.


BIG has some unique products in its portfolio. From Sparkling coconut water, to liquid spices, to ginger infused honey, to Kenyan snacks, and more.
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More than 30 Years of Experience

  • 1991

    The Start Of It All

    Family started a business selling IT-related products to major retailers and corporations.

  • 2017

    Branching Out To New Terrain

    Family branched out into selling engineering type products and providing architectural services.

  • 2018

    Expanding Our Horizons

    We didn’t stop there.  Business International Group leads strong with a vision to sell ethnic and exotic products to North American Markets.

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