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Business International Group - About Us

Business International Group (BIG) USA is a company in private sector to provide access to foreign and local investors, businessman and companies to North American market & facilitate them to resolve legal, corporate, distribution, sales and marketing issues. We offer services in private sector to import FMCG products;  Confectionery, Technology, Agriculture, Chemical and FDA/USDA approved Pharmaceutical products.

  • BIG has been established in the financial hub of New York, as a leading service company in the USA.
  • We appoint distributors in main stream and ethnic markets of North America.
  • We help our clients promote their brands through close contacts with wholesale, retail and big supply chains though highly skilled Marketing and Sales professionals.

More than 30 Years of Experience

  • 1991

    The Start Of It All

    Family started a business selling IT-related products to major retailers and corporations.

  • 2017

    Branching Out To New Terrain

    Family branched out into selling engineering type products and providing architectural services.

  • 2018

    Expanding Our Horizons

    We didn’t stop there.  Business International Group leads strong with a vision to sell ethnic and exotic products to North American Markets.

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