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B.I.G. Knows How Important Distributor Support Is

Getting any product from manufacturer to be purchased by a consumer involves a supply chain. The distributor is the manufacturer’s direct point of contact for prospective buyers of certain products. Wholesalers buy a large quantity of products directly from distributors. Retailer buy small quantities of an item from a distributor or a wholesaler. A good distributor as well as distributor relationship are essential to strong brand awareness and product sales.

As distributors for multiple brands as well as servicing other distributors, we need to have a deep knowledge about the local market we are serving and fully understand what challenges our customers are faced with in their everyday business lives. Business International Group  is proactive in our market approach and we are able to adapt to shifts in demands from the market.

Amazing Brands Growing In A BIG Way

Ready To Elevate Your Retail Brand?
Business International Group has has the right skills, the right tools, and the right experience to bring your brand to the forefront of the market. We tailor a complete market plan for brand owners that work with us.

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Big Results Need B.I.G Strategies

Large Chain Store Placement: We Have The Knowledge & The Connections Too
We'll get you that explosive and sustainable growth you need by approaching the largest chain stores buyers to increase the sales volume. Your brand and product deserves to be seen by the masses and there's no better way than a B.I.G. way

Market Visit Challenges
In-market visits enable you to maximize foreign market opportunities. We'll help you uncover the challenges as well as give you the right solutions.

Visiting your target market will give you the ability to witness and validate the foreign market opportunities you plan to pursue first hand, beyond what you are able to learn through market reports, market studies and presentations. Business International Group will be on the forefront identifying market problems before they arise. We’re B.I.G. on solutions…

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