Spice Drop Kesar (Saffron) Extract, 20 ml

Squeeze. Drop. Stir. Great gift option.

Your Secret Ingredient Packed in a Drop. A drop is all you need to instantly transform your food and beverages, and heighten the experience of flavor.

First of its kind in natural, ready-to-use, liquid extract spices in various blends were crafted to give the consumers an exact replacement for a variety of spices.

Made from the finest quality herbs and spices.

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Spice Drop presents the musty-floral notes of saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, in an elegant and easy-to-use way that makes life a lot uncomplicated. If until now you were worried to dig into your saffron stash because you were never sure about how much and how best to use it, then it is time to cut out the speculation.

Just use the spoon measure that comes with the package, add a spoon or two to your prepared dish, and blend the extract in.

Use in Indian desserts like kheer.

Best used at the end of cooking or at your table!

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20 ml