Cocofly Sparkling Coconut Water in Cans

Cocofly’s Healthy Living Powered by Coconut. Refreshing coconut water that hydrates and nourishes your body.


Full of natural goodness, Cocofly’s Sparkling Coconut Water is a nutrient rich, natural isotonic drink that contains no added sugar. It is the perfect way to get refreshed anytime, anywhere. Made using the highest quality big & juicy coconuts, Cocofly’s Sparkling Coconut Water hydrates and nourishes your body from the inside out, as it is packed with electrolytes and other micronutrients that help your body work at its best. Now there is no excuse for your whole family not to lead a healthy, active lifestyle! Cocofly is best enjoyed chilled. This is the first sparkling coconut water to hit the market.

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10.8 fl oz – 320 ml