Pasta Natura Organic Spirulina Pasta, Vegan, Gluten Free and Egg Free, 250 g

Gluten-Free Bio: The ORGANIC PASTA NATURA line is dedicated to frequent and habitual consumers of organic food who pay attention to the diet and prefer trusted products and brands. The data of organic farming in Italy are constantly growing, as well as our proposal of pasta that in different flavors and formats aims to conquer even the most demanding palate. Whether yours is an ethical choice or a necessity, try our organic pasta and you will fall in love with it. You can prepare your favorite recipes with the pasta of the organic line in peace: at PASTA NATURA you will find only tasty products, naturally gluten-free and of excellent quality thanks to the artisan production of pasta. To try new, delicious and delicious dishes, combine organic pasta PASTA NATURA with your favorite ingredients. You will rediscover the taste and scent of the Mediterranean diet in an amazing pasta dish.

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PASTA NATURA’s organic pasta with spirulina is naturally gluten-free and produced without ingredients of animal origin. It is perfect for coeliacs and vegans because it is rich in proteins, essential for a balanced diet. Spirulina gives the pasta a characteristic dark green color, perfect for playing with colors at the table. The taste of this pasta is delicate and pleasant, it goes very well with any type of sauce. The benefits given by organic spirulina are many, a dish of our pasta is an act of love for those who eat it.

The good thing about pasta with
organic spirulina PASTA NATURA organic spirulina flour pasta is a gift we want to give to all Pasta Natura consumers. This pasta has a delicate flavor that goes perfectly with any type of sauce. On the table you will bring a fragrant, colorful and delicious dish. All your preparations will be irresistible with organic spirulina pasta.

The nutritional properties of Spirulina
Spirulina is rich in good nutrients, therefore suitable for any diet. It lends itself perfectly to vegan diets because it is free from ingredients of animal origin and rich in vegetable proteins, the most coveted nutrient by those who renounce meat, but don’t want to unbalance their diet. In general, spirulina is a friend of the entire immune system. The strong presence of group A and B vitamins, as well as vitamins D, K, E means that a plate of PASTA NATURA becomes an ally of good health. Perhaps not everyone knows that these vitamins help the nervous system, fight the sense of tiredness and help restore a good mood. Trying is believing: bring an inviting plate of PASTA NATURA to the table and you will see that smiles will immediately begin to spread. Spirulina also contains beta-carotene, essential fatty acids, iron and trace elements. An essential food for those seeking good health at the table too.

Suggestions at the table
PASTA NATURA’s organic pasta with spirulina is special right from the first bite; the bronze drawing gives it that gentle degree of roughness capable of retaining the sauce up to the palate, where an explosion of taste will leave you pleasantly surprised. Al dente cooking is guaranteed by our way of preparing pasta: slow drying at low temperatures. Making good things takes time and we at PASTA NATURA never rush our pasta.

Organic pasta with spirulina has a delicate and pleasant taste, try pairing it with freshly pan-seared seasonal vegetables flavored with a dash of soy sauce. For a special evening, prepare a sauce with swordfish cubes, yellow cherry tomatoes and Taggiasca olives: PASTA NATURA organic spirulina flour pasta will triumph at the table.

PASTA NATURA organic pasta with Spirulina flour is produced in the formats:
penne, sedanini, casarecce, mezzepenne, fusilli, maccheroni, conchigliette, ditalini, Sardinian gnocco, stelline, chifferini

PASTA NATURA GLUTEN FREE organic pasta with Spirulina flour is also available BIO and VEGAN OK certified.

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250 g