Pasta Natura Conventional Red Lentil Pasta, Gluten Free and Egg Free, 250 g

PASTA NATURA uses only highly selected naturally gluten-free flours that derive largely from the production of neighboring farms. It is suitable for people with celiac disease and for all those who have decided to adopt a gluten-free diet to eat in a healthier and more balanced way. Our goal is to offer a good and healthy artisan product, with which to prepare excellent first courses that can stimulate the appetite and satisfy the palate. The variety of flavors of PASTA NATURA is really wide to allow you to vary the intake of nutrients in the daily diet. All our pasta is gluten-free, as evidenced by the barred ear imprinted on the packages. Try the various flavors of PASTA NATURA in combination with your favorite recipes, you will discover a world of unexpected delicacies.

PASTA NATURA red lentil flour pasta brings joy to your table, thanks to its beautiful color between orange and red. It will certainly attract the attention of your children, so you can offer them a nutritious and healthy first course, with a balanced nutritional intake. Proteins are essential for growth, proteins of vegetable origin have the advantage of not containing cholesterol. Pasta with red lentil flour is therefore perfect for the diet of athletes who need a higher-than-average daily protein intake. Naturally gluten-free, pasta with red lentil flour is also suitable for people with celiac disease. Rough and porous, PASTA NATURA will transform all your recipes into a gourmet dish.
The good thing about pasta with red lentil
flour Pasta with red lentil flour brings happiness to the table and stimulates the appetite of all guests, even the little ones. The beautiful color between orange and red allows you to create dishes with a lively and delicious appearance. The taste of red lentils is delicate, so it lends itself to any seasoning. Pasta with red lentil flour is rough and porous and holds the sauce well; it also maintains cooking and does not fall apart. With PASTA NATURA you will bring to the table a dish of al dente, healthy and genuine pasta.

The nutritional properties of red lentil flour
PASTA NATURA red lentil flour pasta is a colourful, fun and tasty source of protein. Naturally gluten-free, it is suitable for those suffering from celiac disease and gluten must be careful, but also for those who decide to eat in a healthier and more balanced way. Vegetable proteins perform the same functions as animal proteins with the advantage of not aggravating the cholesterol level. Pasta with red lentil flour is an important source of fibre, therefore it is easily digestible because it facilitates regular bowel function. Particularly suitable for athletes, pasta with lentil flour is a very nutritious and balanced food. The red color of the pasta allows you to create dishes with a lively and delicious appearance, able to stimulate the appetite of even the little ones,

Suggestions at the table
Pasta with red lentil flour is the pasta with the most delicate taste of all the pastas with legume-based flours. If you add a bay leaf to the pasta cooking water, you will add perfume and make it even more digestible. A good dish with PASTA NATURA’s caserecce with red lentil flour can be made with asparagus tips and broad bean purée. All seasoned with quality extra virgin olive oil. If you opt for a vegetable ragout, customize it with spices such as curry, turmeric and cumin seeds, you will give an oriental touch to your dish. An energizing recipe, for a one-course meal, includes macaroni with red lentil flour seasoned with chicory, roasted peppers and black olives.

PASTA NATURA’s truffle flour pasta is produced in the following shapes:
penne, sedanini, casarecce, mezze penne, fusilli, maccheroni, conchigliette, ditalini, gnocco sardo, stelline, chifferini

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250 g