Bhartiben’s Kenyan Chevdo Hot and Spicy, 350 g

Chevdo or Chewdo is a Kenyan style recipe mix mostly consisting of rice flakes, potato crisps, nuts, and other ingredients. It has many varieties with its own unique taste and flavor. Kenyans love to pair Chevdo with onions, lemons, or Kenya tomato sauce.

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Kenyan Chevdo Hot & Spicy is the best vegetarian and gluten free snack bag that packs the perfect amount of heat and flavor. Made from Kenyan potatoes, one pack contains over 10 servings.

This flavors is comprised of a combination of spices using an undisclosed recipe handed down from generation to generation to create this unique hot and spicy snack.

The taste of Kenyan Chevdo is renowned all over the world. Enjoy Chevdo Hot & Spicy with friends and family on any occasion. Or, add this delicious snack to a home recipe as a substitute to bring in that extra kick.

Ingredients: Locally grown potatoes, yellow gram pulses, rice flakes, peanuts, cashew nuts, salt, chili powder, turmeric powder, cummin seeds, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, cure leaves, and corn oil.

This snack is also vegetarian friendly. Kenyan Chevdo snack is made without any artificial flavorings, it does not contain any MSG, and is free from trans fat. Health-conscious individuals can dig in and enjoy this healthier snack without disrupting most diets.

Grab a bag and share it with friends and families. Create healthy, unique recipes like trying this with your salads, adding this on your morning cereals, or simply munching on it when paired with your favorite drinks. It’s simply delicious.

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Trans Fat Free
  • No Artificial Flavoring
  • MSG Free

Keep your Kenyan Chevdo crispy and tasty by storing it in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

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350 g