Cocofly 16 oz Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Cocofly’s Healthy Living Powered by Coconut. Organic coconut oil, which can be used for cooking, beauty products, baking, and more. Made in India.

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The coconut has been revered in India since the beginning of Ayurveda and even before. It is no wonder that The Coconut Board of India refers to Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as “The Mother of all Oils”. Nutrient rich, fragrant, and silky smooth, Cocofly’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is ideal for salads, smoothies and all kinds of cooking, and also can be used on hair and body. Cocofly’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made from the highest quality coconuts and uses a centrifugal expeller method, which is considered to be the most premium oil extracting method currently available. It produces the purest form of oil without applying any heat, making Cocofly’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil particularly aromatic and flavourful. The oil is naturally high in MCTs (more than 50%), making it a great supplement for the Keto Diet.


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16 oz