Sweetsmith Sugar-Free Traditional Peanut Brittle

Sweetsmith Candy Co Handmade Sugar-Free Peanut Brittle. A healthy option without compromising flavor. Made in Canada.

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Fresh roasted peanuts enveloped in sweet… Non-sugary goodness? Can it be? Yes it can be, and is made possible with a special blend of all natural Isomalt and butter to replace the traditional cane sugar sweetener. SweetSmith uses a natural sugar free alternative called Isomalt to sweeten our candies. Isomalt is made in Germany from NON GMO Beets. It doesn’t have a chemical or minty aftertaste – in fact, we don’t think there is any aftertaste at all! Isomalt was originally developed for sugar and pastry arts because is doesn’t crystallize at high temperatures. Eventually, foodies and nutritionists realized it is safe for diabetics with its incredibly low Glycemic Index of 2 (glucose is 100).

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1.76 oz – 50 g