Mimido Chicken Bouillon Cube

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Product features:  It is made of fresh chicken, produced by extraction, concentration, drying and seasoning to maintain its natural flavor.

Advantages: It is manufactured by decocting with slow fire to fully extract the nutritions and delicious ingredients into the chicken soup and then after low-temperature vacuum concentration, fully maintain the nutritions of chicken soup and the original fresh fragrance, and then flavored with high-quality spices. It has a fresh fragrance and exquisite taste. During cooking, the concentrated chicken soup in the chicken bouillon cube is dissolved. This increases the fresh fragrance and natural flavor of the dishes. Mimido produces the chicken bouillon cube with the automatic technology from compression molding, packing, and encasement to ensure the quality of  products.

Usage: It is more delicious when you are cooking stir-fried dishes, noodles with MIMIDO chicken bouillon cube. It will taste more fragrant and palatable. The MIMIDO chicken bouillon cube can be dissolved into the hot water after stirring, it will be a delicious nutritional chicken soup.

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10 g