Sweetsmith Jalapeño Peanut Brittle

Sweetsmith Candy Co Handmade Peanut Brittle infused with spicy jalapeño flavor. Made in Canada.

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Deceiving at first- the sweet, innocent nuttiness of our Peanut Brittle takes control until this Jalapeño filled bar begins to heat your mouth, and tickles the back of your tongue until you are warmed from the inside out. This is for those who enjoy a little extra spice in their life! Peanut Brittle is naturally Gluten free. Storage and care information: Peanut brittle can last up to 6 months when stored in a cool, dry area, and up to 1 year in an air tight container in the freezer. Gluten free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free. Vegan.

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2 oz – 56 g