Greeniche Probiotic Support Vegicaps

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Greeniche Probiotic Support offers the Lactospore advantage

    1. Greeniche Probiotic Support is Bacillus coagulans which are spore forming probiotics. These consist of a resistant outer coating that can survive without nutrients and are resistant to external factors
    2. Is more tolerant of low pH environments such as stomach acid and enzymes, especially when compared to pathogenic and spoil microorganisms
    3. Safe product to store at ambient room

temperatures without accelerated loss of organisms

  1. More tolerant to heating and preparation while tableting, mixing or encapsulating
  2. Has a true shelf-life and remains potent till the end of it’s shelf-life
  3. With the drastically increased rate of survival of the microorganisms, 2bln CFU has the efficacy required for desired clinical outcomes

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60 Vegicaps