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Is fatigue affecting your motivation to stick to your fitness routine? Do you cut your workouts short due to low energy? Are your muscles tired for days after you try a new workout or increase its intensity?


What is PowerOn?

PowerOn is a specially formulated sugar-free supplement for fitness enthusiasts. It combines the natural properties of Panax Ginseng with a balanced mix of essential vitamins and minerals to provide gym-goers with a supercharged workout experience. The product can be consumed to: boost energy and endurance during rigorous physical activities, recover faster from muscular pain or other physical stress caused by workouts, and improve and maintain daily vitality.

How PowerOn can change your workout:

PowerOn contains ingredients that are proven to increase energy and endurance during and after periods of physical strain.

Panax Ginseng: This East Asian root herb renews and increases your body’s energy stores, facilitates recovery after intense workouts and reduces muscle injuries. That’s a win-win-win!

Hawthorn: Hawthorn is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that counters the increase in free radical activity that’s responsible for sore, achy muscles after a workout. The result = longer, uninterrupted workouts.

Beet root: The beet root contains nitrates that increase stamina and enhance physical performance during running, cycling and high-intensity endurance exercise.

Xylitol & Stevia: Sugar substitutes that are low in the glycemic index, limiting unnecessary sugar intake.

A balanced mix of vitamins & minerals: Your supply of nutrients for high energy and fast recovery.

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